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It must be exhausting keeping that monster of a website alive.It is your daily comedy itinerary and it scares me how on top of his shit this guy is.(AFP) The Chauvet Cave, a vast Paleolithic cave dating back more than 36,000 years ago, was selected on Sunday as a UNESCO World Heritage site.(AFP) The new work, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that humans frequented the cave during two distinct periods that were separated by several thousands of years.The Chauvet Cave, a vast Paleolithic cave dating back more than 36,000 years ago, was selected on Sunday as a UNESCO World Heritage site.AFPTV provides a rare filmed glimpse inside the cave, which is closed to the public.A study published in 2016 using additional 88 radiocarbon dates showed two periods of habitation, one 37,000 to 33,500 years ago and the second from 31,000 to 28,000 years ago with most of the black drawings dating to the earlier period.

Picasso) Agostinelli, Domenico & Ermete (IT) Agterberg, Christoffel (NL) 1883-1948 Aho, Kaarina (FI) 1925- buys Rörstrand in 1983, from 1990 Hackman Group Arbeid, Dan (GB) Argonautes, les (FR) Vallauris Arnhem (NL) pottery factory Ars Artigiana (IT) Ars Pulchra (IT) Artigas, Joseph Llorens (ES) Artpot, atelier (CH) Crousaz Ase, Arne (NO) 1940- Asshof, Bruno & Ingeborg (DE) Aston, Chris (GB) Elkesley Astoul, Eric (FR) 1954 Atmer de Reig, Christine (DE) Atterberg, Ingrid (SE) ("Abg") 1920-2008 Aubert, Felix (FR) 1866-1953 Sèvres Aubry, Michèle (FR) 1942- Auld, Ian (UK) Austry, Jean (FR) Axella (DK) B Baarspul, Adriana (NL) 1940- Baccarini, Domenico (IT) Bagni (IT) Raymor ("BAG") Bailey, Jane (DK) Baillot-Jourdan, C. Baldelli, Citta di Castello, (IT) Balzar, Heiner (DE) Bampi, Richard (DE) Bang, Arne & Jacob (DK) Bang, Michael (DK) 1944- Barlach, Ernst (DE) Baudisch, Gudrun (AT, Vienna) 1906-1982 Baudouin, Joël, Vallauris (FR) Baud, André (FR) 1903-1986 Vallauris Beauclair, René (FR) Paris Bertetti, Le Torino (IT) Atelier Bertoncello (IT) kubist forms Besnard, Jean (FR) 1889-1958 Bessone, Marius (FR) Vallauris (1929- Beswick Pottery (GB) Beyer, Paul (FR) 1873-1945 Bigot, Alexandre (FR) 1862-1927 Paris/Aulnay (usine) Bing & Grondahl porcelain factory (DK) Bioley, André (CH) 1926-1987 Biron, Pierre-Joseph (FR) 1896-1948 Biron, Willy (BE) Bouffioulx Bitossi (IT Les Argonautes Braden, Nora (GB) pupil Bernard Leach Breetvelt, Henri. (NL) 1877-1933 Brown, Paul (GB) Bray (FR) Brüel, Axel (DK) Brüggemann, Antje (DE) Bruun, Edith Sonne (DK) Goedewaagen Cacciapuoti, Guido (IT) Calm-Wierink, Lotte (AT/NL) 1897- Camart, Ray (FR) Antibes Cantagalli, Firenze (IT) Capodimonte (IT) Cardinalli, Franco (FR) Carbonell, Guidette (FR) (1907-) Cardew, Michael (GB) 1901-1983 London Cardew, Seth (GB) Capron, Roger, Vallauris (FR) (1922-) Carlsson, Stig (SE) Carlton Ware (GB) Carstens, Tönnieshof, Freden (AT) CAS Ceramica Artistica Solimene (IT) Catteau, Charles (BE) 1880-1966 Neveux, Charles Roger Chambost, Pol (FR) (1906-1983) Champy, Claude (FR) 1944 Chaplet, Ernest (1835-1909) (FR) Chapallaz, Edouard (Dullier, CH) 1921- Chavannes (CH), Ecole Suisse de Céramique (ESC) Charolles (FR) Chaumeil, Henri (FR) 1877-1944 Moret-sur-Loing/Paris Cherf, Aude (CH) Chessa, Gigi (IT) 1898-1935 Royal Copenhagen Chini, Galileo (IT) workshop Ciboure (Basque) 1919 Cipolla, Salvatore (IT) Clante, Henry (DK) Cloutier, les Frères (FE) Cluny, céramique de (FR) Cocteau, Jean (FR) 1889-1963 Colenbrander, T. Clément Cookson, Delan (GB) Cooper, Waistel (GB) Coper, Hans (DE-GB) 1920-1981 Coralie (FR?

Hy The Most Complete & Accurate Info on NYC's Best Live Comedy Shows—Stand-Up, Improv, Sketch, Storytelling, Variety, and More, Fully Updated Daily—Plus Comedy Discounts, Theatre Discounts, Jokes, and Videos From legendary NYC comedy site Brooklyn Vegan: Thank God for Hy Bender's religiously updated show bible Best New York Comedy (or Hy Reviews.com).

He is literally the only person in NYC providing daily summaries of what's happening comedy-wise.

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de Sèvres Del Pierre, Francine (FR, Vallauris) (1913-1968) Delsaux, Carlos (FR) 1896-1970 Delmotte (FR) Derel, Juliette (FR) (1918-) Derval, Jean (FR, Vallauris) (1925-) Desa Keramik, Steffisburg (CH) Desmand (FR) Desimone, Giovanni (IT) workshops in Palermo Deux Potiers, les (FR) Devaud, Jean Pierre (CH) Les Argonautes Ferri, Claudio (IT) Festersen, Friedrich (DE?

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A fraudster posts a nonexistent vehicle for sale to a website, typically a luxury or sports car, advertised for well below its market value.

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Lets chat :) Hello, I'm Crimson :) I'm 20 years old and still in the stage of my life where i'm figuring things out for myself.

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