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is a detailed and clear source of identification tips and photo dating information for those photos taken from 1900 on…

This is an indispensable reference tool for genealogists, family historians, and photo collectors who are conducting research on vintage 20th century photographs.

As noted, it has a UK point of view, and although this often doesn't make a difference, sometimes it does.

For example, one paragraph talks about the advent of photo postcards and how you can date them depending on what the postal code required to be printed on them.

The resources below provide information and methods for exploring image history, processes, content, and meaning.

The British tradition in oral history is by no means undifferentiated.

For those with a more ‘philosophical bent’ who are interested in obtaining a sense of the ongoing academic debates on theoretical issues; the links between oral history, social and cultural history, or the evolution of oral history over the last forty years, and the role of paradigms and theory, see L. Oral History Although it is not entirely concerned with individual testimony, the recording of the life stories of individuals and the accuracy of their memories has remained key for the oral historian in trying to recover ‘hidden histories’ that academic history has, for far too long, ignored.

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March 1865 one-cent stamp for cards costing 10 cents or less March 1865 - one-cent stamp: Simple imprints on the back of the card, consisting of small typeset characters were used from 1860 to 1867.1860-62 single line imprint1861-66 two or three lines These two or three line imprints usually have statements such as "Duplicates can be had" or "negatives preserved" 1861-62 the above statements are missing1863-67 three or more lines, with larger type characters additional information1863-65 curved lines of text with curved lines and curlicues between and around them 1868-82 larger simple imprints, usually lengthwise on the back of the card (parallel to the longer edge, often one line of print at an angle to that line) 1870-1900 Typeset imprints with fancier font-types, and often-different fonts for each line, and sometimes a few curlicue lines between or below the text lines:1860-70 or later - standing figure with balustrades or steps in the background (may include columns). Suit composed of a fitted jacket with velvet front piece over a draped overskirt. Draped apron overskirt, gathered high and puffed at the back into the extreme supported bustle shape, corset. Sleeves are set high on the shoulder and tight on the arm. Fashion and hair are not always reliable, but here consistent with 1880 - 1890.1866 - 16 yrs. old (Photographer in business after June 1870 on or before 8 June 1880) 1880 - 30 yrs. old (date of marriage – wear ring after this date)1870 – Not born (Photographer in business after June 1870 on or before 8 June 1880) 1880 - 9 yrs. However, the clothing, hairstyle, and jewelry are consistent with 1880's. Learn more" href="/gp/product/B01C88VE74/ref=usswahqp_consumer_030916? pf_rd_p=3191404942&pf_rd_s=hero-quick-promo-books-atf&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=1903365201&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=T52EBJEXWB9QNRC7PQEJ"I found this book to be helpful in researching family photos, however it has drawbacks.The book is very detailed about the history of photgraphy but far more detailed than I needed for help to date photos. I would search for another source that is geared for an American interested in dating family photos.Survivor narratives have nowadays become a genre and the source of compelling historical testimony as much as primary sources, such as the chilling official statistics of casualties.Get digital access to our independent product ratings.

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Native Americans are the indigenous peoples within the territory that is now encompassed by the continental United States, including parts of Alaska down to their descendants in modern times. states and several of the inhabited insular areas that are not part of the continental U. Native Hawaiians (also known as Kanaka Māoli and Kanaka 'Oiwi) and various other Pacific Islander American peoples such as the Chamorros are also not considered Native American.

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