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It'd also let co-workers text confidential information, so they wouldn't have to carve out time for a phone call on their busy days.

Likewise, the founders of Rumr argue that their app, which connects people in the same social circle to an anonymous group text (the organizer knows who's in the group, but no one, organizer included, knows who's saying what) can help colleagues "have conversations about work culture and provide feedback, openly, but also anonymously."More often, Rumr and the rest of these apps are used for gossiping, bullying, and lying, which are all the more tempting in an identity-free, record-vanishing environment.

It was early December and I was lounging on the island of Maui with a couple of my all-time favorite clients. But in between scribbling sessions, we spent most of our time swapping delicious stories (about ourselves, not other people), texting tasteful-yet-utterly-saucy photos to our sweethearts back at home and talking about sexxx.

A writing and business retreat to wrap up the year. (Put five highly-imaginative women together in a jacuzzi, and hey, it’s bound to happen…) I left the island feeling inspired to write a LOT more about sex, attraction, intimacy and relationships. It’s one of my favorite topics, and yet, it’s one that I’ve been hesitant to write about in public.

Unless they are aware, and it just doesn't matter enough to stop them. I've heard the defense before: Just because these apps can lend themselves to bullying and morally murky messaging doesn't mean people always use them that way.

Confide was quick to point out that their app—which reveals text messages word by word so no one can screen shot them, then dissolves them afterwards—wouldn't just help cheaters sext each other on the downlow.

I’m going to teach you exactly what to do in just a moment.

So can we really expect this new onslaught of apps, which couple anonymity and written exchanges, to breed anything but lies and vitriol? That it's Mean Girls problem, not an adult woman one—and I'm not so sure we should see it that way.

Should we really be shocked when we hear about the anonymous bomb threats on Yik Yak, the dirty laundry aired on Whisper (even Gwyneth's marriage got roped into it), or the cyber-bullying on, well, all of them? Right now, the users of these apps are young, yes, mostly under 24 years old.

There's science to it, which we've known for years (and no doubt the app founders knew too).

People are meaner when they're commenting anonymously, and they tend to lie the most when they're texting versus any other form of communication. App developers are going back to the drawing board! And yet, while much is being said about the repercussions these apps have for young people, it seems like the world thinks this is a self-contained issue within a certain younger generation.

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